Tuesday, July 12, 2005

List of What People are Bringing

I thought this would be the easiest way to keep track of what everyone was bringing to the Picnic on Sunday. Please check back frequently as I will update it everyday.
Thanks! Feel free to also bring chairs, and blankets to sit on.

Liz Terwilliger: Sandwich Fixins ( bread, meat, cheese, condiments, veggies for salad, and utensils,paper plates,and napkins)

Michele Dallam: Potato Salad

Angie Bradley: chips and dip and an artichoke spread and bread.

Liz Park: Chips and Beer

Tiffany Cato: Desserts ( peach tarts, chocolate cookie thingys) and beer

Christine D'Onofrio: tomato and cucumber salad

Linda Goosen: fried chicken and/or
grilled portabello mushrooms and also a fruit punch or


Blogger victoria dolicima nicole whatever dallam said...

oh god! potato salad is evil! michele, havent I ever told you the evils of potato salad? it torments my exisitence I tell you. one time when I was living at dave and becky's, they were helping provide food for a giant scooter rally. I came home to buckets full of egg and mayo all throughout the living room and kitchen, and worse! the bathtub was full of soaking potatos! augh! cruel world! may I suggest a wholesome jello dish?
jk. love you, despite the potato salad.

12:10 PM  
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